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  • Ethiopia – Miss Mekdes Needs a Young Vibrant Boy

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  • Is it right or wrong to kiss your children on the mouth? Therapists reveal how it affects your child

    A few days ago Victoria Beckhampublished a picture of her kissing her daughter on the mouth with a loving message that said "Happy Birthday baby girl ... We all love you so much ... Kisses from mummy X," and it has thrown the world into a massive controversial conversation. Both people in general as well as specialists have chimed in with either studies or their personal experiences. Although there is no consensus on this practice, these findings shed some light to the dilemma. It's bad Dr. Charlotte Reznick, a psychologist at the University of California UCLA said a 'peck' on the lips from parents can cause confusion. "If you start to kiss your kids on the mouth when they are young, when do you stop? It's extremely confusing," Reznick said. Children grow up and stop being babies. When they reach 5 or 6 years old they become aware of their bodies and sexuality. Reznick said they can actually become stimulated by a kiss on the lips. For a child, this kiss is extremely confusing. They see their father and mother kissing on the mouth, and then Mom and Dad come and do the same with them. It's enough to confuse any young mind about the roles, feelings, emotions and feelings. Stopping at the appropriate time seems to be the solution, but not all children develop and mature at the same time, which makes one specific age hard to pinpoint. In my case, I come from a family that is not very physically affectionate. We love each other, but do not say or show it with kisses and hugs. This has always been something that bothered me from an early age and decided that when I had a family of my own, I would hug and kiss them all the time. When my daughters were born I adopted the habit of kissing my daughters on the lips. It was something very tender to me. But almost instinctively, I stopped when both were about 18 months; stopping this practice felt as natural as it did to start it. It just felt right. It's good Dr. Fiona Martin from Sydney Child Psychology Centre is in total disagreement with the previous position. She thinks it's absurd that parents kissing their children on the lips can be considered sexual. "It is normal and healthy to show affection for your children. You are communicating to your children that you love them," Martin explained to a local newspaper of Australia. She also claims that there is no documentation to prove that kissing your children on the mouth creates any problems later on. Similarly, Dr. Heather Irvine-Rundle, suggests that Dr. Reznick's conclusion is outrageous. "It does not take into account relationships that are safe and trusting. There is nothing sexual about kissing a baby on the mouth." Irvine-Rundle adds that Reznick's reasoning that kissing them on the mouth will confuse children about who they are allowed to kiss is laughable. How old? Perhaps what bothered those who reacted to the Beckham's photo was not the kiss but her daughter's age. The facts show that some parents kiss their children on the lips throughout their whole lives. To many, even thinking about this makes them sick to their stomach, while others consider this completely natural. So as far as we can tell, we don't have any proof on either end of the argument as to what is best for children. Just personal opinion.

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  • Shock In Taraba As Goat Gives Birth To Baby In Human Form

    What is this. There was confusion and shock among Taraba residents after a goat gave birth to this kid in ‘human form’ earlier today. Some people might have had s*x with the goat leading to this awkward “baby”….These photos were shared by Rariya News platform.


    Source: http://nigeriana.org/news/metro-news/shock-taraba-goat-gives-birth-baby-human-form-photos/

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  • HIV-infected man dubbed 'The Hyena' is paid £3 to spend three days taking verginity of girls as young as 12

    Eric Aniva is known in his village as a "hyena", which involves using seks as part of a "cleansing" ritual - and locals even claim there's "nothing wrong" with what he does

    HIV-infected man dubbed 'The Hyena' is paid £3 to spend three days taking verginity of girls as young as 12

    Eric Aniva is known in his village as a "hyena", which involves using seks as part of a "cleansing" ritual - and locals even claim there's "nothing wrong" with what he does

    A HIV-infected man in his 40s has told how he makes a living by being paid to have seks with children.

    Eric Aniva, who would not reveal his exact age, lives in the Nsanje district of southern Malawi where he works a seks worker.

    His work - known as a "hyena" - is embedded into the sacred traditions of his village.

    There, young women are regularly "cleansed" by having seks with a hyena, sometimes as punishment for an offence such as having an abortion.

    But for locals a hyena's main duty is overseeing a coming-of-age ritual, where girls take part in seks over a three-day period after their first menstruation.

    Mr Aniva, speaking to the BBC, said: "Most of those I have slept with are girls, school-going girls.

    HIV-infected man dubbed 'The Hyena' is paid £3 to spend three days taking verginity of girls as young as 12

    "Some girls are just 12 or 13 years old, but I prefer them older. All these girls find pleasure in having me as their hyena.

    "They actually are proud and tell other people that this man is a real man, he knows how to please a woman."

    But with one in 10 Malawians having HIV, the work of hyenas is riddled with the risk of spreading serious disease.

    And Mr Aniva himself has HIV, but continues his work regardless.

    He is paid £3 to £5 by locals to perform the seks rituals.

    And village elders, who are responsible for organising the "cleansing", insist that they are necessary to "avoid infection with their parents or the rest of the community".

    Government officials do not endorse the traditions, but they do not actively campaign against them either.

    Dr May Shaba, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Gender and Welfare, said: "We are not going to condemn these people. But we are going to give them information that they need to change their rituals."

    One of the elders, Chrissie, said: "There's nothing wrong with our culture.

    "If you look at today's society, you can see that girls are not responsible, so we have to train our girls in a good manner in the village, so that they don't go astray, are good wives so that the husband is satisfied, and so that nothing bad happens to their families."

    Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/hiv-infected-man-paid-3-8461262

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  • Life Changing Story

    Often the situation can be very difficult and for you it’s easier to thing negatively. The story will understand those who are positive and torn trough joy in life. The true way we shall look at life and all its wonders. Please read the story.

    ‘’Two men are seriously ill and in the same hospital room. For an hour each day, the nurses would let the man closest to the room’s only window sit up in order to help drain the fluid in his lungs.
    The other man in the room spent all his time flat on his back.

    As you can imagine, with little else to do, the men would talk for hours. They spoke about their families, homes, their lives in the military and where they had travelled.

    And each day, the man sitting away from the window longed for the hour when his roommate would be able to sit up and describe the details of the world outside their room.

    He would speak of children playing, of animals peacefully roaming and of happy families playing in the water.

    Sadly, after months of this, the day arrived when the man closest to the window died in his sleep. After his body had been removed from the room and some time had passed, the other man asked if he could take the bed by the window. The nurses were happy to oblige him and they made the switch.

    Once they were gone, the man slowly and painfully pulled himself up so he could take his first good look at the world outside the hospital room, the world whose description had brought him so much comfort.

    To his dismay, he found that the view was not as vibrant as he’d been told; in fact, the window faced a blank wall.

    Upset, the man called for the nurse and explained the situation.

    “Why would he lie to me?” he questioned the nurse.

    After thinking for a moment, the nurse looked at him and said:

    “Maybe he just wanted to encourage you.”

    This must be lesson to learn for all of us. We can do tremendous good for those who we love only by looking on the bright side. Even when we’re faced with what seems like an impenetrable brick wall, we can bring so much happiness and joy to those around us if we find positive ways of looking at the world.
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